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Roni Hart

Born in Huddersfield, Roni was raised by cats in a woodland on the outskirts of the town. Surviving on a diet of nuts, berries and other woodland creature foods.  She developed a love for dancing at the age of 3 1/2 and recruited at the Audrey Spencer school of dance where she learned to tap dance without falling in the sink.  In her teens she was then recruited to the Louise Morton school of modelling and charm where she learned to sit upright with her legs together and sip tea. In her mid teens she was springboarded into local fame as Huddersfield’s ‘Miss Summer Sparkle’ (sponsored by Montgomery's Photography), after this there was no stopping this fiery young Leo. After a short while, it wasn’t long before she was hitting the heights of England’s own Broadway.. The West End. This lady’s career is as long as your arm, if it’s arm of the tallest man in the world.


She is a marine, does what she does and does it to the max, her talent is off the scale, even a fleeting moment in her company can be both inspirational and rewarding.

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Phillip Cluskey

Born in Halifax, on the right side of the tracks, well away from Skid Row. Phillip was raised on three hearty meals a day and was free range, so mostly roamed and daydreamed. Playing the guitar was a wonderful childhood distraction, it payed off as a rewarding hobby and also as a means to make a living. To put it bluntly, he plays the guitar so well, some people cry, everyone wants to join in and some even want to give over their cash for the privilege of being entertained.


In the winter of 2003 Phillip had his world rocked when a small brown lady who was wonderful and kind entered his reality, her name, Roni Hart. She was Cinderella and he was the number 1 sound engineer. Since then their relationship had grown and hardened. 


Phillip is a marine, his talent is to the max, even when he needs a nap. 

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