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         Roni Hart and Phillip Cluskey have worked together in a variety of shows in the past. They first worked together in Bradford in the winter of 2003 in the Panto 'Cinderella', which featured a real stallion on stage! Roni played the lead role whilst Phillip was sound engineer. They have also worked together on the musical 'Boogie Nights' amongst other projects.

After years of planning they finally decided to pool their talents, Phillip as a brilliant guitarist and vocalist, and Roni as a brilliant singer, dancer and choreographer. Many months of rehearsal led to their début show in Huddersfield where they emerged as 'Little and Often' and became an instant hit. They were immediately rebooked for the same venue and have since spread their wings appearing all over Gt. Britain.

Watch out for this amazing act as they become more and more popular.


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